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Seattle Traffic Violations and Their Defense

Nearly every driver has been pulled over and given a traffic ticket for a violation that could range from speeding to tailgating. These traffic citations may be issued by a city policeman, county sheriff, or a Washington State Patrol officer. In the state of Washington, a traffic infraction is a non-criminal offense which carries a fine. Too many citations issued against you within a certain time frame may result in the loss of driving privileges and will generally raise your insurance costs.

Most drivers simply pay the fine to be done with the aggravation. By paying your fine, however, you are automatically agreeing that you were guilty of the offense. The offense will be issued against your driving record, which can raise your insurance premiums hundreds of dollars more for the next three years. Furthermore, if you have been cited for four infractions within a year or five infractions within two years, you face the prospect of being placed on probation for a year. During your probation, if you incur two infractions, your license will be suspended for 30 days.

Legal Advice about Your Infraction

In some cases, it may be less costly in the long run to contest a traffic citation. At the Matto Law Firm, PLLC, Attorney Jag Matto can review your situation and advise you on where you stand and your options so that you can make an informed decision about the situation. In cases where exorbitant insurance premiums or loss of driving privileges may be imposed or where you believe you have been unjustly cited, the choice to fight an infraction may be needed. In such cases, the firm will fight vigorously to get your infraction dismissed, obtain a not guilty verdict in a trial, a negotiated settlement, or a reduction in points or fines due on your citation.

Traffic violations can include driving without a license, driving without proof of insurance, reckless driving, speeding, red light violations, failure to stop, and many other moving and mechanical violations.

If you wish to discuss your traffic violation, the firm offers a free consultation to help you get started.

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